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Hello Fellow Junkees!

If you landed on this site, the chances are high that you too are somewhat of a beauty junkee. It stands to reason that you probably have at least once wasted money for a miracle potion, lotion, mascara, etc. I have drawers full of products that didn’t fulfill the promise of looking 10 years younger.

One of the things I treated myself to when I turned 40 was a visit to a professional makeup artist. Though I have been wearing makeup for a long time, I have never really felt confident about what I was using, how to apply it and worse yet, I wasn’t sure I was even taking care of my skin properly.

After almost 2.5 hours with a professional, I was surprised that with all the dermatologists I had seen over the years and all the products I had tried, that I really still had no clue on the proper way to care for my skin and realized there were a whole host of tips and tricks surrounding makeup application I had never even heard of.

I knew I couldn’t be the only one with too much information and still unsure of the best practices to implement them. This trip to a professional led me to start Beauty Junkees.

At Beauty Junkees, our mission is to be a testing ground for all things beauty so that you can get honest reviews from real women before you spend your hard working money on the next “miracle.” We have a team of experts who will be bringing the best tips and “how to’s” for products and tools to help you be more confident in your daily routine and a team of women from various age groups who, along with the experts, will be trying and testing all the latest products. We promise to give you our unbiased review!

When we find products and tools that we love, we will bring them to you. We have already started manufacturing our own lines of makeup sponges, makeup brushes and hairbrushes that I know you will love. Our focus is on quality, value, and making sure that you, the client, remain at the forefront of our mission. We want to make good things happen for other people.

So if you are tired of spending not only money but time trying the latest and greatest makeup products and tools that never really live up to the hype, let us be the Junkee!

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Oh, and come back and see us again soon!

Thanks for stopping!


Julia Ritzenthaler

Julia Ritzenthaler
Founder and President
Beauty Junkees, Inc.

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