Beauty Product Reviews: Let Us Review Your Product

Do you have a beauty product or tool that you would like us to review?

We are more than happy to receive beauty products from brands to be considered for published reviews on our blog. We will review any products or tools in the relative categories that we write on (makeup, skin, hair, nails, tools) but we prefer to receive full sized samples in the manner the consumer would – so that we can review the entire experience (delivery, packaging, quality, instructions, etc.) just as they would after purchasing it.

We don’t think that a solid review can be written on some products after only one use. So if you are offering a product that a beauty user would include in their daily routine, chances are we will want to test it for 2 weeks before we review it. In addition, if we agree to test your product, that does not guarantee a mention on our blog. If we find a product we absolutely love, you can be assured we will shout about it from the rooftops (of our blog, of course.) Be advised though, we always disclose that it was received as a sample for review and we always give our honest opinion. If we do end up writing about a product that didn’t win our favor, we do promise to remain objective (like making note that the product may not have worked for us because of our skin type, tone, etc.)

If you would like to send us something to test out, simply send us an email with the details to

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