How to Know if a Hair Stylist is Good or Not?

Hair Stylist

Ah, the magic question. I must not be the only nervous one when I sit down in a new chair at the salon. Luckily, with being a hairdresser, I know what to look for. So, here are some tips to deciding if you should stick with your hair stylist.

The FIRST thing, look for their personal state license. This should be displayed in a public and conspicuous place. If you can’t find it, don’t be afraid to ask. You don’t want to go to a place and pay high dollar for someone that is not a trained professional. (Yes, this does happen.) Next, be sure he/she does not have butterfingers. I once went to a salon, and the stylist had to have dropped her comb at least six times and her shears twice. This is not very reassuring when someone is that close to your head and ears. Now I’m not saying it never happens, because there have been days when I have dropped a couple items, but you do not want to feel uncomfortable when someone is working on you.

Additionally, your stylist should not be complaining the whole time you’re sitting in his/her chair. If this happens, chances are they are not paying attention to what they’re doing- or even worse- what you initially want. A stylist should love their job, and be positive! He/she should be making eye contact while you’re explaining what you want. They should not be rolling their eyes or making strange faces. If this is happening, you will not get what you want, because chances are, he/she doesn’t know what they’re doing. Choose a stylist with a good attitude. They’re always smiling, or staying confident. Yes, everyone has their bad days, but when you’re in customer service, it’s not advised to show it to all your clients. NO cell phones, if you catch your stylist texting in between foils or at all during your service, she is most likely not paying attention to you. When they’re asking lots of questions, and looking for answers, you really know they care and want to provide you with the best service.

Finding a good hairstylist can be hard. Ask your friends where they go, if you’re looking for a new place or stylist. Many salons have referral programs now, so not only could you save some money, but the person that referred you may have some perks too!

The last thing you want to do is embarrass your stylist, but it never hurts to ask him/her some questions to see if they really know what they’re doing.

Questions to Ask to See if Your Stylist is Good or Not 

1. What are your credentials?

  • Any hairstylist will be glad you asked, to ensure you that they’re providing you with optimal services. Their state license should also be placed in a public, conspicuous place to ensure you that they’re licensed.

2. How short will it really be?

  • Make sure when you say “just an inch”, it really means just an inch. Physically show her how much you want, and have her show you how short it will be. Everyone has a different concept of “an inch” and hair is naturally shorter when it’s dry.

3. Do I have to buy the products?

  • There’s two types of hairdressers out there, ones that are just there to make money and go home and ones that really care about your hair. If she’s all about the sale, she will probably push every product there is on you. If she cares, she will probably choose one line for you to try, or maybe give you a few options and guide you. If you want the salon look, you should be using professional products, but not every single one on the shelf.

4. Ask how hard the cut will be to maintain and style?

  • You don’t want to go home and have no idea what just happened in the salon. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if she’s smart, she will be confident with every answer to keep you coming back to her.

5. Will it look good on me?

  • If you go into the salon with this gorgeous picture of a model with a great jawline that you don’t have, the haircut may not look good on you. Your stylist should be honest with you and guide you to do what will compliment your facial features.

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    Great things to look for, thanks! It has always bothered me when a stylist is chit chatting with another stylist the entire time. Really makes me feel like she doesn’t care about me.

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