Makeup Sponges – Use Them Wet or Dry?

Cosmetic Blending Sponge

Do you dampen the sponge, or use dry?

Flawless finish foundation sponges can be used wet or dry, though most prefer them to be wet. This is to prevent makeup absorption into the sponge, allowing more makeup to transfer onto the skin.

The Pink Teardrop, Purple Pear, and Green Spade are all for the main use of applying and blending concealer and foundation and are more commonly used wet. All three with their unique shapes and pointed tips allow you to blend and conceal any area of the face. The Blue Sculptor is used to press on makeup for a heavier coverage of foundation. This sponge is best used dry. The flat edge of the sponge is compacted, allowing the makeup to sit on top rather than absorbing into it, and wasting product. While the sponge is dry, you can then transfer from your liquid foundation to a powder. Simply dipping it into a loose powder or even a compacted powder, will help give your coverage a finished appearance.

Most liquid foundations are water-soluble. Too much water in the sponge will break down the components of the makeup and could change the color and texture of the foundation by diluting it. This is why it’s essential to properly wring out the sponge after running it under warm water. The sponge is considered a “wet” sponge, but rather than the sponge dripping water everywhere, it should have a moist feel to it.

This tool can be used in many different ways. Depending on which types of applications you will require, that will determine how you use it.

Content Provided By: Alexia Hites

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