How to Apply Lipstick to Chapped Lips

No one ever wants to apply their beautiful red lipstick to dried out, cracked lips. Before bed always apply chapstick! This way, you will wake up with hydrated lips. Slap some on before bed and voila!

When it’s time to apply those lips, apply a small amount of chapstick and then concealer to your lips first. The concealer will allow the lipstick to “stick” to something. Next apply a lip liner to the out edges of your lips and fill in your lips lightly with the same color. Finally, apply your lipstick, following with a gloss or even chapstick. I do this every day, and swear by it. If your lips are extremely chapped, use your toothbrush and gently brush your lips to slough off any dry skin.

Lipstick application to chapped lips should not be complicated. All your lips need is a little bit of hydration and nourishment to stand out all day.

Content Provided By: Alexia Hites

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    Will definitely have to try this. Thanks

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