How to File Your Nails The Right Way

Filing the nails not only provides great shape to the nails, but strengthens them as well. When doing an at home manicure you can use a file such as an emery board, or a four in one file with two abrasive sides (one more abrasive than the other), a smoothing side, and a buffing side. A four in one file is more for advanced users, so an emery board will work just as well.

Begin filing the nails at the corner and move toward the center. Never file in a “seesaw” motion, this can cause the nail to split and become thin. Incorrect nail filing is a major step in manicuring that can quickly go wrong, considering it is very hard to fix a nail that is peeling and splitting. Following this technique on every nail, and sealing the nail with a top coat will give the nails a “fresh” manicured look.

Shaping and strengthening the nails is one of the steps to follow to achieve strong and beautiful nails. Filing should be done once a week or before a polish change.

Content Provided By: Alexia Hites

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    Great tip, been doing it wrong for a long time.

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