Base Coats & Top Coats of Nailpolish: Need ‘Em or Not Necessary?


Skipping a base coat or top coat in your at home manicure can really effect the look and wear of the polish. A base coat should be applied for many different reasons. It can prevent polish stains on the nail, allow the polish to stick and give the polished nail an even texture. The top coat should be applied to seal the polish, prevent chips and give the polish a beautiful shine.

For women that are always wearing polish, they should always apply a base coat. The base coat protects the nail from the damaging effects of nail polish. This includes yellowing of the nail and prevents the nail to become brittle. With a base coat on the nail, the nail polish has something to “stick” to since the base coat acts as a barrier between the natural nail and the polish. A ridge filler can also be used as a base coat, allowing any ridges in the nail to be filled in. This will make the nail polish appear smooth. Two coats of the desired polish should be applied. The top coat is the last layer applied in the manicure process. The top coat acts as a sealer to the colored polish. When the polish is sealed, it does not chip as often. In top coat nail polishes, the ingredient nitrocellulose is used to create a high shine, glossy appearance.

Once the base coat, colored polish, and top coat is applied, the polish-change manicure is complete.  Even is a colored polish is not desired, a base coat and top coat should be applied as it will prevent splitting and peeling of the nail.

Our expert advice is not to skip these two important steps.  Base coats and top coats can be easily found in a drugstore, beauty store or salon for about $3.00-$10.00. Protecting and sealing that nails will make for a beautiful manicure.

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Base Coats & Top Coats of Nailpolish: Need 'Em or Not Necessary?, 4.0 out of 5 based on 11 ratings

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    Now it all comes together. Thanks for clarifying!

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